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We are Australia’s most respected specialist boutique Recruitment Agency for the Hospitality Industry. We specialise in placing temporary and permanent employees ranging from more junior team members to the most senior level executives across a broad spectrum of businesses.

Contingent recruitment is the most popular method of consultancy recruitment. After collecting a comprehensive job description and person specification we will adapt a number of techniques to find the right person for the job.

Excellent Recruitment Grows Your Business

If you’re like most hospitality operators I know – you didn’t plan to end up in the industry from a young age.

You found yourself working in a pub, restaurant, catering business or fast-food chain and just loved what you were doing. It was different from anything you had ever done before. You excelled at it and your career took off very quickly.

One day, you found that you were looking after multiple outlets or business units. You realised that the bigger your role got and the more you were managing – the more important the people were who you chose to surround yourself with in your team.

The reality hit you that you were responsible for an enormous amount and that it wasn’t possible to be everywhere at once.

It’s a hard job.

You have to wear way so many hats and keep too many plates spinning (so to speak) in order to be successful.

Being successful is not just about what you do and how good you are. Your whole team needs to be on the same page in terms of ability and expectation.

It’s not easy to find this. It’s difficult.

Driving performance whilst keeping the ship on track is a challenging thing to do.

When I started in multi-unit hospitality operations I didn’t understand this – it wasn’t clear yet.

I made lots of mistakes, but I learned from them. I started to realise the power of people and how their alignment, passion and ability made my job so much easier.

Eventually I looked after operations for the largest single site restaurant and catering operation in the world at Harrods in London. As a total business we had a team of over 5000 in peak season and turned over a billion pounds in a year. This is the biggest shop in the world.

Through lots of trial and pain – this is what I worked out about running large hospitality operations:

  • I needed the very best talent in my team to be successful
  • People needed to want to work for me to create competition for roles
  • I needed to work hard and explore all avenues to find the best people
  • I developed the best training tools to on-board and upskill my recruits
  • I developed the best operating systems and reporting to manage the performance metrics and held people to account
  • I brought my best self to work every day in order to motivate and lead the team to be successful

I realised that if I did all of these things and communicated well that I had control of:

  • Staff moral and motivation
  • Daily, weekly and monthly KPI’s around sales, COGS and labour
  • Employee longevity and tenure
  • An engaged and happy work force who gave exceptional service

If a hospitality business can master these key areas, then they have the strongest platform for success.

It all starts with people, and when you get this right, it all gets a whole lot easier and is actually fun to be a part of.

So, if you are looking for practical recruitment advice that can actually help you to find these key people. People who can help develop, shape and manage your units then you are in the right place.

Use of our own exclusive database

Advertising through web and press

Networking through the industry

The Talent Kitchen excels at recruitment, screening and presenting candidates. Our specialised consultants have industry experience and have been trained in conducting competency-based interviews. At The Talent Kitchen we endeavour to ensure that we have the right match for your business of for you.

The Challenges of Recruiting and Hiring

We hear you!

Finding talented engaged professionals can seem like an endless and uphill battle at times. Trust us, we get it!


  • The ever-changing and clumsy sponsorship process
  • Increase in competition for the best talent
  • The removal of government grants to assist budding young chefs with training expenses
  • Plus many more influencing national and localised factors

Hospitality and Retail can be tough markets to find good people in! This is where we come in.

Expert Recruiters Turn Things Around

We’ve got this!

Running a Hospitality Business can be really hard work – all of us at The Talent Kitchen have been there and understand! Let us take the strain and burden of finding your business the best people to let you focus on what’s really important to your operation; your customers.

We have a dedicated team of ex-industry recruitment ninja’s working tirelessly to uncover the best hospitality talent for the Australian market from our office in Sydney. We search for the best people from all over the world.

Our reach is long and our work ethic is unrelenting! This means that if you instruct us to consult on your assignment you will get the best person on the market for your position. If you choose to go it alone then the chances are that you may just get the best person who applies.

Our Recipe!

When you instruct us, you will have access to professional consultants with a significant network – we are probably the most connected Hospitality Recruitment Agency with the best reputation in Australia at the moment.

Our recruitment experience is world class, however, it’s our approach to recruiting that really sets us apart. Having been both the client and the candidate in our specialist areas we have a clear picture of what good looks like and what it truly takes to be a great in a role.


In the way we represent our clients and candidates, taking the time to understand their behaviours and culture so we can be the best advocates for them and find the perfect match.


We will not try to sell anyone anything they are not interested in buying! That applies to both clients and candidates. It’s not just a numbers game to us. We want to provide all stakeholders with the best possible match by taking the time to learn a little more about you.


With our clients, candidates and most importantly ourselves! We use our experience to make sure we have a great match before presenting an opportunity to either party.

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