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Working with the Talent Kitchen as a Casual Staff offers you a fantastic opportunity to join a buzzing and vibrant team.  With our contacts in Sydney and further afield, you can be sure that you will be going to some exciting places for your work.  If you are looking for a permanent role, but would like to be busy in the meantime or work out where it is you would like to be based, casual work is for you.  It might be that you just enjoy the flexibility and variation that this type of work brings.

If you are well presented, hard-working, motivated and organised, we look forward to welcoming you to the Talent Kitchen temp team.  We have roles to suit all levels of experience, and are always happy to speak to prospective candidates before the interview stage as well.

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Casual Event Staff In Sydney and Melbourne


The success of your event will be determined by the people given different responsibilities. For you to have a successful day, you need a team that is well organised and well prepared to do their part. Expert casual event staff are the best people to turn to if you are looking for bespoke services.

Talent Kitchen is here to make all your events a success by availing the most qualified workforce to take up those roles. Our clients can be assured of top quality because we go an extra mile to look for top skills in Sydney, Melbourne and all around Australia.

Whether you are holding a family event such as a birthday, fun day, or a formal occasion such as a corporate event, our professional services will be of great help. We have the best casual event staff to ensure your guests are comfortable and our chefs and event staff will offer unparalleled catering services.

Our team of consultants have been in the field for long and their experience will land you the hands that you want for your party.

Let us make your next event the best ever by providing a team of temporary event staff that is full of passion and dedication. We will save you the trouble of sourcing for personnel and you will have all the time to participate in the event.

Attributes of Our Event Staff

Trust Talent kitchen to go an extra mile to get you event staff who are cut out for the job. In our selection process, there are key attributes that are of interest and these include:

Soft Skills and Interpersonal Relations

We ensure that you get event personnel with great interpersonal and interactive skills so that they can work with the other team members in a coordinated manner, and be warm and welcoming to the guests.


Events need the touch of energy and enthusiasm. For this reason, we want the people coming to your event as staff to have the passion to run around and do their assigned duties meticulously.


We understand that things can come up and events do not always go as planned, even though we put a lot in the preparation. It is for this reason that people taking charge of an event have to be flexible and be ready to face any changes in the situation.

Time Management Skills

Time management skills are crucial in the success of an event and that is why we only recruit candidates that know how to keep time. Time keeping doesn’t only involve showing up at the party early enough but being able to optimise and prioritise the different things so that there’s a seamless flow of events. The ability to multitask is a bonus here.

Casual Staff Hire

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