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September 30, 2015
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January 12, 2016
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Australia, with its stunning coastline and pristine waters, nature trails and epic journeys across the outback, is often referred to as the ‘Lucky Country’ and when it comes to Australia’s exciting and dynamic food and wine culture. Oh we are the Lucky ones indeed!

With world famous chefs like Curtis Stone, Luke Mangan, and Matt Moran to name a few, handcrafting the most exquisite dishes to suit even the most discerning palettes, no wonder we as a nation our spoilt for choice!

Whilst the profession of a chef seems glamorous creating a magical sensory experience every day, in reality all that glitter and glamour comes with long untraditional and demanding hours and the expectation for absolute perfection in your presentation.

So if you are a go getter and self-starter who thrives in the kitchen and enjoys taking ownership of your role whilst creating innovative dishes then being a chef is the right career choice for you. And the not so secret ingredient in the recipe for success as a chef is passion!

Along with passion and the usual resume writing and interview preparation tips, follow these simple steps especially useful for ensuring you land yourself in your dream role as a chef in some of the best and most desired kitchens in Sydney!

Get creative and attentive

As a chef, your passion for food needs to be translated on to the plate so the ability to create unique, innovative and visually appealing dishes is as important as taste! Before your meeting with a prospective employer, it’s a good idea to research their restaurant, its history; the type of cuisine served and in context, what you can bring to the table! Ultimately the success of a restaurant boils down to the popularity of its food!

Chefs must also have strong attention to detail; a dish is first savoured by the eyes before the palette so presentation skills are paramount.

Don’t let your passion run like clockwork

The role of a chef is a demanding one. With long unconventional hours and shift work being the industry norm, don’t let your passion be dictated by the clock and expect a 9 to 5 day.

When meeting with prospective employers, be sure to communicate clearly your willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. If you are flexible to work late hours or travel if your role requires you to for example to food festivals and events, then be sure to let a prospective employer know; it could be your competitive edge too over other candidates.

Communication skills

Chefs need to have good communication skills to build long term positive relationships with not just suppliers, managers and other staff members but dinning guests too! A personal and charming interaction with a paying guest can be the difference between a good evening with good food or a great evening with excellent food!


Apart from good culinary skills, the ability to innovate and excite customers and excellent communication skills, an important tip to see any chef succeed in finding their dream role, is their ability to demonstrate a cool calm and composed personality when working under pressure and in stressful conditions. Also important is the ability to meet deadlines and ensure the food leaves the kitchen on time! Equally key, is the ability to be an effective manager in the kitchen to junior staff and lead by example.

If you are actively looking for a Chef Job in Sydney, we hope that you find these tips useful. The Talent Kitchen is a leading Hospitality Recruitment Agency based in Sydney focusing on Chef Jobs amongst other Hospitality and Leisure Industry roles.