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Career Paths within the Hospitality Industry

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Regardless of where your passion lies; cuisine, patisserie, hotel and restaurant management, or gastronomy, as a skilled and experienced hospitality industry professional or one who is looking for an entry into the hospitality sector, the hospitality industry offers a stimulating, work environment and a wide array of career paths and job opportunities.

The key ingredient however, is identifying the right sub sector based on your interest and talent.

Culinary Arts and Kitchen

An interest in food, a flair for creativity and ability to innovate masterpieces with simple ingredients on a plate, could mean a career for you in the Kitchen. Often starting as Kitchen Head, a typical career path would involve working up the ranks to an Apprentice Chef, Sous Chef. Chef and finally the highest honour; an Executive or head Chef. The ability to work unconventionally long hours and excel under pressure to surpass expectations are the essential ingredients required to succeed as a Chef in the hospitality industry. Coupled with the ability to manage and mentor junior staff and the ability to manage food costs and restaurant budgets as well as menu planning.

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Food and Beverage Management

Some typical career path options within the food and beverage sector in hospitality include Food and Beverage Attendant, Bar Attendant, Barista, Restaurant Cashier, Host / Hostess Cocktail Bar Attendant, Food and Beverage Managers and Sommelier to name a few.

Food and beverage managers focus on managing end to end operations of restaurants and on-property food services including human resources and payroll, ordering food and supplies, customer service, financial tracking and inventory. The ability to be responsible for training and evaluating employees to attain top quality customer service is an essential quality to lead by example. They may also be responsible for the discipline and conflict resolution of employees as well.

Human Resources

A less common path within the hospitality industry sector is that of Human Resources. Typically with a degree in hospitality management, one can choose a more corporate role within the hospitality industry such as a human resources manager for a variety of businesses including restaurants, hotels, casinos and spas. A human resource manager is responsible for all duties revolving around employees. This can include pay checks, benefits, insurance, hiring, firing, and conflict resolution.

Hotel and Restaurant Management

This includes hotels, motels, resorts, and any other property that provides lodging to travellers. Some typical roles include General Manager, Resort Manager, Director of Sales and Marketing, Director of Human Resources, Front Office Manager, Recruitment Manager, Restaurant Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, Bar/Cafe Owner, Business Development Manager, Corporate Services Manager and Regional Hospitality Brand Manager. Managers in this area of hospitality are in charge of the daily operations of the property. These can include marketing, employee relations, customer relations, budget, sales, and facilitating the smooth operation of the property.

Within Hotel and Restaurant Management, Front Office plays a crucial role as this is the first point of contact a gust may have with the business therefore first impressions are everything. A positive, professional attitude coupled with impeccable communication skills and passion for customer service are the key pillars for being successful. Typical roles include Bell Desk Attendant Receptionist, Reservationist Cashier Front Office Supervisor, Night Auditor Front, Office Manager, Concierge, Duty Manager and General Manager amongst others.

This industry subsector also involves another crucial area; Housekeeping. Typical roles include Public Area Cleaner, Laundry Attendant, Housekeeping Attendant, Floor Supervisor, Housekeeping Supervisor, Butler, and Rooms Division Manager in charge for overseeing the general cleanliness of a property and ensuring highest standards of hygiene and presentation are maintained. After all, first impressions really do count!

Travel and Tourism Management

Jobs in this field include travel agents, cruise directors, sales managers, and tour managers. These professionals are in charge of all factors that revolve around traveling. This can include booking travel, overseeing guest entertainment, managing staff, budgets, sales and marketing.

Private Health Facilities

These may include organisations such as Private Hospitals, Gyms and Health clubs and Aged Care facilities that seek to employ Chefs, front of house staff, housekeeping staff and even Human Resources and General or operations Managers for overall management of operations.

Overall a career in the hospitality industry can be exhilarating and rewarding as well as demanding and challenging. However the industry does provide many opportunities for professionals to enjoy a holistic and well balanced lifestyle options.

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