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How To Hire Casual Hospitality Staff

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July 16, 2018
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August 7, 2018
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The role of casual hospitality staff can never be overlooked. These are the people who can save the day when the work becomes double what you had anticipated. During the high seasons for cafes, hotels, bars, and restaurants, they can help you generate enormous profits. But first, you need to ensure that you hire the right people and this can only be achieved if your recruitment is spot on. You need to set up the hiring process in such a way that you attract the best talents in the industry. It is a competitive world, and there are not so many people who are ready to work as hospitality staff. You have to outsmart your competition so that you don’t get the rejects. It takes some work, professional input and maybe some enticement, but at the end of it, you get good outcomes. Here are the tips that will enable you to hire the best casual hospitality staff.

Advertise on The Right Platforms

Your best candidate is out there. They are also waiting for that job opportunity. But finding them will only be successful if you run your ads on platforms that they can access. You won’t exactly know whether your prospective employee loves Twitter or Facebook. However, by putting up the ad on an authoritative site or social media channel, you increase your chances of getting the best fit for a position. As you pay for that ad, make sure you will get value for your money. Do some background checks, read reviews and pick a platform that has some positive feedback and of course, a massive following.

Today’s generation loves the internet. It goes without saying that you need to go online to find the skills you are seeking. Many businesses are getting a huge number of leads from their social media campaigns. If you can win followers online, then your hiring will be much easier because you already have an audience which comprises your potential employees.

Make a Comprehensive Description of The Position

The job description you create should be comprehensive so that the candidate understands what you are seeking at a glance. It should outline the attributes you are looking for, but not in long paragraphs. Just be precise and go straight to the point. A descriptive title and a brief section outlining what you need in a candidate are enough to get you going. If you need some special qualifications, you can include them. Working schedules can also be mentioned to give the applicant a clear picture of what’s expected of them.

In summary, tell the candidates what you want so that someone applies knowing how it will end up.

Perfect Timing Gives You Better Opportunities

You need to time your hiring so that you get the best out of the job market. For the casual hospitality roles, college students and other young persons can be great candidates. Therefore, the best time to put up those ads is when they are on break. Luckily, this is also the time when events come in great numbers and when the hospitality industry experiences a surge. So if you are targeting the generation Y and Z, you are poised to get more skills when you target their breaks. Alternatively, you can also post the ads in schools especially when you want to preplan for the high seasons.

Don’t Be Obsessed With Experience: You Can Opt to Train Employees

Sometimes, it is not always about the experience. In the hospitality industry, it takes more than that. Moreover, you might not always get experienced candidates when you are looking for casual employees. Therefore, you need to look with an inner eye. Assess the passion and the eagerness to learn in an applicant. Hire someone who can communicate cordially with the customers and become part of your ambitions.

It is a great idea having a training program where the employees learn the ropes. This ensures that they work in the best way possible to offer your customers top services. Besides boosting productivity, the training period gives you more time to assess the candidates at a closer level.

Keep Records and Analyze Trends

When do you need casual hospitality staff the most? You need to learn the patterns so that you are forewarned. This can be achieved by simply keeping track of the customer influx. Chart the records, and you will be able to predict when you need to hire more staff. This helps you plan in advance so that you are not caught unawares when you get more orders.

It might seem pretty obvious that you get more people during Christmas. But you need to think beyond and think critically. Yes, you get more people but what’s the difference compared to other times? You should take a closer look so that you get to understand the behaviors of your customers better. This helps you know how many more staff members you need.

Conduct Interviews Professionally

How you conduct your interviews determines to a great extent whether you will get the best people for the job. Your ads might have been very effective in attracting the best talents around town, but if your interview is not standardized, you might still end up losing the person who would have turned into the most productive hospitality employee. This comes about when your interview questions are not relevant and when the process is uncoordinated.

If you haven’t been able to get the right skills from your past interviews, maybe it is time you sought professional advice on how to carry out interview sessions.

The process should be well balanced so that you assess different aspects which are all relevant to the services that the candidates are expected to deliver. A hospitality employee needs to be assessed on their communications skills, their ability to deal with an impatient customer and decency, just to mention a few.

You Can Start By Asking Your Current Employees for Referrals

Before you go out looking for someone to fill a position, why not start by asking your employees? Referrals have always been a mode of hiring, and even in hospitality, that’s yet to become obsolete. Your current staff members probably have friends or relatives who are willing to work. When you hire them, it makes your employees more loyal to you, and this translates to a motivated workforce and customer satisfaction.

Know That Some Employees Want a More Permanent Role

As you hire casual workers, you ought to recognize the fact that some of them are eyeing permanent positions. This is more common with the older age groups who would prefer to settle down. Therefore, when you intend to recruit for permanent positions, starting with this group would make a good choice.

By the time you decide to offer a casual employee a fulltime or even part time role, you would have assessed their abilities and skills. It gives you an upper hand as an employer because you know the employee’s strengths and weaknesses and you can put them in a position where they can deliver the best results. The policy of giving permanent positions to casual workers can help you to attract more candidates when you need to fill a vacancy and even referrals would be more willing to get on board knowing that good things lie ahead.

Check How Your Competitors Are Doing

As we said, it is a competitive field. If your competitors outstrip you, you might lose the opportunity to hire the best talents. Sometimes, you might have to learn from your rivals to stay relevant on the market. How is their recruitment compared to yours? How do they do their interviews and why are they able to retain a large percentage of their workers?

You might also come to the point of poaching employees from your rivals. If you are in dire need of specific skills and you know that your competition has them, why not try to take it. Poaching might sound crafty but it is not bad for business. Companies do this all over the world and it works. You just need to give the employee what they are not getting on the other side and appreciate them more. However, this shouldn’t be beyond your means. Only invest in bringing them in if you are certain that they will deliver returns that are worthwhile.

Put these together, and you will land the best people to make the events a success and keep customers coming.