Interviewing Tips from a Hospitality Recruitment Specialist

Interviewing tips from a Hospitality recruitment specialist

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September 19, 2015
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If you are in the Hospitality Industry job market in Sydney as a candidate, looking to secure the right opportunity to complement and grow your experience and ambition, finding the right recruitment consultancy to partner with is the first step in the right direction.

Being a Recruitment Agency specialising in Hospitality Industry sector Jobs, The Talent Kitchen understands how exciting and nerve wrecking finding a career challenging role can be which is why the saying ‘if you fail to  plan, you plan to fail’ has never been held more relevance than when preparing for that all important job interview for that all important role.

Our team of experienced and professional consultants are subject matter experts who understand the importance of first impressions and beyond in that first interview. So here are some tips and tricks to get you started on the right foot.

Dress for success:

Job Interviews and first dates are easily comparable when it comes to the need to make good first impressions. Appearances are everything and it plays a major role in hiring decisions as soon as you walk into a room and before you say even a word. Dress appropriately complimenting the role that you are applying for e.g.: a formal business suit for corporate roles or a simple, neat and tidy appearance for customer facing roles etc. Most hiring managers believe that people who dress appropriately for a job interview are more likely to be successful because they look the part. Conversely, those who dress inappropriately may be seen as having a more casual attitude toward work and authority. Whether or not this is true and holds relevance, perceptions are everything.You can never go wrong overdressing for an interview.

Search and Research the company culture

If you know anyone at the company you’re interviewing with, ask them about the environment and culture. It is always a good idea to research the company you are going to interview with; what are their values, mission and vision, were they in the news recently? What is the USP of the company in question, what are their goals for the financial year? Doing your homework about the organisation can create a positive first impression showing you genuinely care and it doesn’t hurt to express your opinion when asked.

Don’t hold back

Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through! Too often candidates get caught up in trying to ‘be someone else’ to impress the hiring managers but in doing so, they run the risk of losing out on the role altogether. Be yourself; exuberate your persona, charm and confidence in the best light possible to create that positive first impression. Take cues from tone and vibe of the interview; will a sense of humour be looked at favourably by the hiring managers in the context of the role or an insightful and inquisitive attitude be the key to succeed.

All the right moves

Kinesiology or the study of the mechanics of body movements is a whole science not to be ignored when it comes to sending the right message to the hiring manager by your body language. In an interview, everything about how you conduct yourself since the time you walk into a room, can speak volumes about who you are. A good firm handshake can send a message of confidence as opposed to a weak, sweaty handshake. Monitor your speaking voice to ensure you’re conveying the right message. Don’t sound hesitant, clear your throats, use “uhs” and “ums” excessively, or use over-complex sentences and have trouble getting to the point.Good eye contact can help signify openness and honesty. Don’t overdo eye contact with interviewers.

And lastly, think about some important questions you are likely to be asked by an interviewer such as ‘tell me about yourself’, ‘why do you want to work at this company’, ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses’ etc. whilst such question may seem deceptively simple to answer, your responses can provide a hiring manager enough insight into who you are and thus make a decision on your candidature for the role.

Hope you find these tips useful, if you are a candidate seeking a suitable role Hospitality, Leisure or Catering sector do get in touch with our Recruitment consultants to find out about the latest job opportunities on offer at our Agency.