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The true cost(s) of getting recruitment wrong

Interviewing tips from a Hospitality recruitment specialist
September 30, 2015
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It’s no surprise that human resources essentially are the backbone for any business, the most essential resource for any organisation to attain long term sustainability regardless of its size or nature of business. But what is surprising is that whilst in theory the importance of finding the right staff for the right job can’t be undermined and may even seem deceptively easy, in a practical sense, it is anything but!

And this is where the expertise and experience of a well reputed and well renowned hospitality recruitment agency can lend valuable insight and real market knowledge to clients to facilitate a successful match between the right hospitality industry sector job and the most suitable and well qualified hospitality candidates seeking their dream role.

So why should you outsource your hospitality staffing requirements and engage a Hospitality recruitment agency?

Access to a richer and broader pool of candidates: Outsourcing your staffing requirements to a specialist recruitment agency such as The Talent Kitchen can ensure you are selecting the absolute best talent available in the market for your job requirements rather than simply relying on the traditional channels of recruitment such as online job boards namely Seek, My Career, Career One etc. We leverage off our extensive database of job ready candidates and deep professional relationships, networks, and Industry Associations to find the most qualified and skilled hospitality staff in the market whether active or passive. We rely on a combination of techniques to build our candidate pool including Internet Advertising, Networking and most importantly referrals. This gives us access to some of the top quality candidates you can find in the Industry. Our consultants are strong advocates of building long lasting quality relationships with candidates and thus not only maintain regular contact with active candidates seeking new roles, but effectively tap into the passive talent market too so we can ensure when the right opportunity comes along we have access to only the very best candidates.

EQ vsIQ: As a subject matter expert, The Talent Kitchen understand the importance of striking a fine balance between EQ and IQ in the quest for the ideal hospitality staff to not just fill a vacancy, but rather fulfil a business’s needs. Our recruitment consultants partner with candidates like career coaches and guide them every step of the way so as to ensure they are well equipped and skilled for your job requirements. We provide friendly career advice, in-depth Interview preparation tips and effective resume writing tricks, just as part of our excellence in service delivery mantra.

Cost Savings: Time and Money: A well reputed and well connected recruitment agency can assist businesses in attaining substantial cost savings by way of fulfilling vacancies effectively and efficiently and reducing the number of days a position may lie vacant. And even help businesses overcome the challenge of low retention rates.

Confidentiality: For more senior or strategic positions, most companies may not want their competitors to know their current staffing situation and it’s here a specialist recruitment agency can assist with such assignments with a hyper-targeted, and consultative approach to executive search by focusing on industry vertical and functional need to attain an optimum result.

The Talent Kitchen is a specialist boutique Catering Recruitment company based in Sydney with extensive experience and expertise in ‘catering and servicing’ to the needs of clients. When you are seeking a recruitment company to partner closely with your business and fulfil your catering staff requirements, the Talent Kitchen strives to ensure this is an enriching and seamless recruitment experience. With over 15 years of experience in the Hospitality sector collectively, our team of dedicated and experienced consultants, are experts of their field. They partner with your business and work closely with you in order to understand your requirements and find you the best talent to compliment your requirements from our large pool of candidates.