Tips to Carve a Career in the Event Management Industry

Tips to carve a career in the Event Management Industry

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Planning events for a living sounds like a blissful dream—picking food and decor, working with tons of different people, spending your days at cool venues instead of behind a desk. Event management has always been a highly desirable career choice, largely because of its glamorous appeal and dynamic work culture. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love going to parties? But it takes more than just a love of a great party to succeed in this fast-paced field—you’ve got to have an eye for detail and an ability to handle constant deadlines and pressure.

If you want to get ahead in events management you’ll need the ability to keep a level head when things don’t look so levelled, a stomach for serious hard work, comfy shoes and our tips on carving yourself a successful career in events management. The Talent Kitchen is a leading Recruitment Agency based in Sydney and Melbourne focusing on roles within the Hospitality, Leisure and Catering sectors.

Open up to volunteering

Many event organizers are always on the lookout for volunteers to support their events; Olympic games, music and film festivals, business-to-business events, conferences, product launches, award ceremonies and so on where on site and other support is required, can be a valuable experience and can lead to a job! After all, it is your chance to demonstrate to a potential employer your commitment, passion and genuine interest in the events management industry. Willingness to support events and gain on the job valuable knowledge in the sector is always impressive for a potential employer.

Time management and organization skills

Event management is very much like an exponential curve. It starts slowly & gradually and as the event nears the workload builds until the event itself therefore time management is absolutely crucial and essential for event managers who look after multiple events and even more demands at once. Being able to prioritize is crucial, particularly when you’re overloaded with requests and need to deal with them in an efficient, orderly manner. Dealing with budgets, lists, negotiating with suppliers and working to tight deadlines, can all become hectic if things aren’t well organized.
Create your own event!

You can make other opportunities for yourself. Think about organising an event for a local charity.  If you are willing and able to take the initiative and help with fundraising on any scale this can not only look great on the resume, but working with a tight or very small budget yet being imaginative, negotiating, making every penny count and generally making magic on very few resources is something that could give you the extra boost of confidence when you are ready to interview for roles in the events industry.

Be a team player

Events Management is more than managing tasks and delivering on time. Whether it’s chefs in catering, technical teams, production staff, security or cleaners, the ability to build relationships, motivate and drive people within each department is absolutely critical to succeed in the events industry. Getting everyone working for that one goal and common objective is in for the best interests of the event. Events require producers/planners who inspire confidence in clients — and not only for their skills to multi-task but also their ability to proactively communicate, and their stamina to endure 12-hour days.

Learn every day!

Your greatest value proposition and competitive advantage can be your ability and desire to learn. The industry is so vast that no matter what you think you know, your advanced “event education” begins when you land your first full-time job. And that education never ends! The more you know, is the more you know. The more you know, the more information there is to inspire you. And the more varied your interests, the more likely that you will be inspired to create something unique and memorable for your clients.

Communication Skills and Self-awareness

It’s really important to be aware of what you know and know what you don’t know. Be confident in your skills and yet be sure to speak up when you need help tackling an assignment that does not play to your strengths.Hone your skills in listening to a client and then designing an experience that will move an audience.

Be resourceful and flexible!

Qualities such as resourcefulness and having a flexible adaptable personality are vital in achieving success as an event organizer. Creating unique cost-effective and efficient ways of organizing events and the ability to mould your approach and be flexible to suit client needs to help a client increase their client-base and overall profitability, will always be looked upon favourably.

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If your true passion lies within the Event Management Industry and you require advice to either enter this dynamic Industry or perhaps move up the ranks then get in touch with The Talent Kitchen at their Sydney and Melbourne Office, one of our recruitment consultant would be delighted to have a chat with you and provide suitable advice.