How to craft a perfect Job Ad.

Your Job Ad’s – How to craft one for success

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When you are a candidate in the hospitality industry looking for a suitable role, writing your own resume seems to be the hardest document ever but when you are a company trying to recruit well experienced and qualified hospitality staff, writing a professional and attractive Job Ad seems to be the hardest!

So what makes a good hospitality industry job ad, a great one? Being a Hospitality Recruitment agency we have tested various job ads over the time and have come up with our own formula that works best time and time again. We thought why not piece together a blog that could help other hiring managers or recruiters in the Hospitality Industry.

Here’s how you can piece together and polish up your ad, so you know you are attracting only the best and most qualified hospitality industry staff:

  • Back to the basics

As a hospitality industry service provider, it is vital to identify and determine what aspects of the role are absolutely critical and will ultimately be influential in ascertaining a potential job seekers level of interest. Such basic information will include detailing location, job title, nature of employment (permanent, part time, casual) etc. and where possible, a salary band width.Information such as company culture, employee benefits, working environment and career progression opportunities, can be discussed as part of the interview process however can be included as part of your top three punch lines to stand out from the clutter of Ads.

  • Be precise

Again it’s crucial to define the skills, experience and qualifications required (or lack of) as a pre-requisite for success in the role thus filtering out candidates that may otherwise have applied to an ambiguous ad. Be specific with information like the company, The role itself, the responsibilities etc.

  • Sub Headings and sentences

Use Sub headings and divide up your job ad in different sections. Not only does this make the Ad look structured and well organised, it allowed the reader to digest all the information presented, in a clear and concise manner, opposed to coming across as jumbled words splattered on the screen! Use shorter sentences than 15 words to keep the message clear and concise.

  • How to Apply

Provide very specific instructions on how you wish for the candidates to apply for the role; this could include responding to the Ad with a certain word in the email subject or including a one page response to why they are suitable for the role or even respond to a series of pre-selected questions before the application. This would assist you in receiving only the genuinely interested candidate applications as well as provide you with a sneak peak into their ‘attention to detail’ skills.

  • Formatting

A key element to any written word and often overlooked is formatting! Avoid using upper case to write your Ad as well as italics, shadows, light colours reversed out of dark, weird and wonderful colours. Not only these impair readability but may not really be perceived as professional or mature for a formal setting such as a hospitality job. Check and then double check to make sure your content is free of typo’s and reads well grammatically! After all, your job Ad is really a window and the first opportunity for a potential employee to assess your business and a potential fit.

  • Engage your prospective employee

Always consider engaging with your prospective employee by referring to them as ‘you’ in the Job Ad.

  • Don’t over promise and under deliver

There is nothing worse than exaggeration and puffery so when it comes to writing a job Ad to present your company in the best light possible to the candidate market; this is a strict NO NO!. Avoid creating unrealistic or misaligned expectations that may result in inequitable perceptions for a candidate. Keep it simple and tell it as it is so you can manage candidate expectations well from the start.

In a nutshell; know your role, know your target audience, speak their language and offer what the market expects; these are the pillars of foundation for crafting effective job Ads to ensure you get a realistic and reasonable number of quality applicants for your next hospitality role.

Hope you enjoyed reading the blog and found this information valuable. The Talent Kitchen is a leading hospitality recruitment agency based in Sydney. If you are a business owner within the hospitality sector and would like to know more about our recruitment services, please call us on 02 9356 2851 to discuss how partnering with us could add value to your organisation.