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Are you looking for a fun, upbeat atmosphere to work in; a place where we celebrate the wins, big and small; and specialise in awesome? We are always looking for gun consultants to join our team and to make it an even more awesome place to work.

Joining the Talent Kitchen is the best of both worlds – we are hospo through and through and are immersed in the industry, but we enjoy normal, sociable hours! We were set up by hospitality professionals for hospitality professionals, so if you want to talk about your new favourite restaurant, pub, bar or venue, we are your team.

Having come from a hospo background, we all have a hard working nature and an aptitude for hitting those targets. Knowing the industry will help you here and will give you a good grounding of the sort of clients we work with.

A relatively new agency in terms of years, we are at the top of our game with client and candidate relationships; something we pride ourselves on. We are adventurous as a team and are constantly striving to be better, whilst challenging ourselves on where to go next.

If this sounds like something you could get on board with, then reach out

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