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How To Hire The Best Retail Employees For Your Business

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In today’s retail industry, it’s a constant headache finding and then retaining your dream employees. It can come close to tearing your hair out! And if it then doesn’t work out, there is the loss of time and money, which is so exasperating for us all. We have been there – trust us. When you get a good one, you have to hang on to them, but as we know it’s hard. Millenials and Gen Y are used to moving at high speeds and if things don’t move quickly enough, there are other jobs offering them something better.

Despite all of this, there are ways you can find the best retail staff for your business. Here, we have compiled some of the top tips that will help you get the best out of your hiring process.

Always Research Before You Hire

Before putting the advert up, it is essential to understand your target audience. Who are you trying to reach? What skills do you want them to have? What is your salary expectation? Is it feasible to get someone with your expectations? Once you know what you are looking, you can then post the advert in the right places.

Make Use of Social Media

Social media runs the world and it’s important to get on board with this now. Everyone spends their days scrolling, and they are attracted to brands that have a good social media presence. As an employer you can make it the place to find the best employees.

Use all of the media to target different candidates. Running free or paid for ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a great way of sourcing candidates. Equally, you can post in groups on Facebook or LinkedIn, or use the latter to search for those with certain skills you want.

On top of all this, maintain your social media presence. Interact with other brands, potential clients and candidates and keep it updated. This is so important and will give future employees an insight into you, your brand your core values before even submitting an application.

Start Taking Part In Social and Community Projects

Being active in the community and having good CSR is great for your brand. It doesn’t have to be sponsoring a footie team, but it’s the little things. Getting your team involved within things like this also boosts their morale and ensures inclusivity within.

Use your social media to promote what you have been doing. Your future staff will see this, and it will affect them. Who doesn’t want to work for a company with these fantastic values?

Don’t Compromise When Hiring Seasonal Employees

The mistake most employers make is to hire the first person that comes their way when they are looking for seasonal workers. Summer comes along and you need people yesterday. Don’t rush – it can be detrimental to your business if you get the wrong person.

If you are hiring for the season, it’s probably because you need someone to help your regulars with the volume of work that is coming through. You need to find staff that can cope with this pumping volume. Don’t scrimp on hiring the best. Trust us; it will do your business wonders in the long run.

Set Up Career and Training Programs

Something that candidates always talk to us about at interview is their career progression and training for them. It’s an ongoing conversation and having a strong plan in place will set you apart from your competitors. Not only does the training and career progression motivate your team and ensure they are constantly engaged with you, but it will help you too. This is your opportunity to mould your employees so that they are the best you need them to be for your company.

Turn Your Interviews Into Interactive Sessions

Interviews have the ability to become pretty boring. Having a bad interview will put your candidates off wanting to work for you. It has to be a balance of being able to find out what they can do, and what they are looking for, as well as being able to ask you questions. Candidates need to come out of interviews wanting to work for you. An interview is your opportunity to impress them.

Make the interviews unique to each person and each role. Look at their resume before and think about what you want to ask. Don’t just focus on skills and their experience; culture is extremely important to your business and this can make or break your team.

Let the conversation flow. If they want to ask you questions, let them. It has to be an interactive session. Some interviews work best in a walking setting. Take your candidate around the store and see how they interact with the others and what questions they ask you.

Remember that lots of people are nervous at first, so it’s often a good idea to see them a couple of times. They may not be best on the first day!

The most important thing to remember is that speed is key. Don’t drag out the process. Employees aren’t interested in this and they will have had other offers in the time it’s taken you to get to second stage. Keep the interviews short and the time between stages short aswell.

Consider Using Referrals

Referrals are great ways to find your new employees. Your people know how you work, what the brand is and they will know who will fit in. Listen to them and at least give their recommendation an interview.

You may get the person you have been looking for, and if you do, you will have saved on advertising and will have some insider knowledge into how they work. Winning all round!

With these tips, you will get yourself some fantastic employees, who can become what you need for your business.