The Evolving Role of Chef's- How the role of a Chef has changed over the years

The Evolving Role of Chef’s – From the traditional cook to the modern day superstar

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February 24, 2016
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March 9, 2016
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To say, Chef’s in Sydney have a lot to live up to, is simply an understatement! Sydney being a melting pot of culture and cuisines is often fueled by new trends and ways of appreciating food and dining. So it’s no surprise the attention received by Sydney restaurateurs and chefs is arguably unprecedented.

The way we think about chefs today is drastically different from how we’ve seen them in the past – and the implications for chef’s today are huge. The role of what we have known as the traditional chef, is long over, instead replaced by a career that’s witnessed constant change; evolving into what we know as a creative and glamourous yet equally hard working and demanding profession today.

The popularity of any restaurant ultimately comes down to an impeccable reputation that it can create for itself; a relaxing and luxurious ambience, flawless service and above all exquisite food to satisfy even the most discerning palettes. Cooking is not just about cooking anymore. The chef has more power in his or her restaurant; with tasting menus, it’s become not unusual to go to a restaurant and have no choice whatsoever and really placing yourself in the hands of the chef. Open kitchens is another trend sweeping global cities across the world offering creative and talented chef’s, a platform to showcase their craft. These provide chef’s with the opportunity to interact with guests and have changed how entire kitchen staffs operate. Open kitchens may have forced chef’s to change their behaviour, but the biggest change has been how chefs dress for their lead roles.

More and more chef’s are now being referred to as more than just food creator’s but rather the face of their restaurants. This means that before and after the busiest stretches of a shift, chef’s will walk through their dining rooms and engage guests. Chef’s have also made a radical change in their appearance. The popular depiction of chef’s wearing sauce stained coats and torn pants has changed to che’fs who wear impeccably maintained uniforms that are clean, crisp and really a reflection of their passion. Another trend defining the role of a humble chef is one witnessed in restaurants where many contemporary chef’s have taken a different approach to their expanding restaurant roles. These chef’s entrust sous chef’s to run their kitchens during service, allowing them to spend the entire shift in the dining room.

The changing chef role has become such an important part of many culinary school curriculums too where learning the art of guest interaction along with the management of a busy kitchen is one that can provide any chef that competitive edge.

Apart from the glamorous side of guest interactions, the chef of today has a much bigger role to play outside of the kitchen; sustainable food sourcing, leading education campaigns of food waste and management, changing the fast-food supply chain and researching entirely new ingredients to craft master pieces with.

Safe to say, beyond the realms of the traditions; where a cook was befriended by pots and pans, the doors of the kitchen have been flung open paving way for the bright, young, fresh and innovative chef’s that we know of today!

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